She Is Syria is currently in development. The film follows the journeys of Syrian refugee women who are rebuilding their lives after escaping war. We view so much of war through the lens of male politics and violence: men behind podiums, men with guns. She Is Syria looks at the crisis from the female perspective. We see women and the heroic roles they play at the forefront of war—leaving their homes in search of better lives for their family, earning an income when male breadwinners are fighting, imprisoned, or killed, and raising their voices in the face of injustice. 


Shelley Cheung (director/executive producer) is a creative producer who works on broadcast and digital commercials and branded films. She has a strong passion for creating content that makes a difference in the way we interact with our communities. In 2015, she produced an award-winning Viacom x campaign, “Witness the Power of Story,” which was featured at SXSW 2016 and made to inspire change and dialogue around social justice issues. In 2016, Shelley worked with Global Citizen to bring Yusra and Sarah Mardini, two Syrian refugee sisters residing in Germany, to the United Nations General Assembly; they spoke on a panel with Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon to raise awareness about the refugee crisis. She aims to continue working on projects that influence and shape cultural dialogue. 



Rania Ahmed (executive producer) is a social activist who has been involved in development work for many years, at non-profits like the Robin Hood Foundation, fighting poverty in New York City, and most recently at EveryoneOn, bridging the digital divide in the United States. A native of Sudan, she's passionate about sharing the personal stories lost in the refugee conflict, particularly the stories of every day resilience of the Syrian women involved. She currently works on partnerships and strategy for She Is Syria. 


Sarah Mardini (producer) is a former Syrian national competitive swimmer and human rights activist. Sarah writes and performs improv theater pieced that spotlight the refugee crisis in Europe. In mid-May, she spoke on a panel at the European Parliament to raise awareness about Syrians with refugee status as part of the European Youth Event (EYE) 2016 in Strasbourg, France. 


Katie Salisbury (photographer) is a writer, editor, and photographer living in New York City. She has edited award-winning nonfiction books for Amazon Publishing and HarperCollins, including For a Song and a Hundred Songs by Chinese poet-in-exile Liao Yiwu. In June 2015, she relaunched Book of the Month as a box subscription service for books. Most recently, she was editor in chief at William & Park, a digital magazine for creatives.



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