The Facts

  • Civil war and ISIS have displaced half of the Syrian population
  • There are nearly 4.4 million registered Syrian refugees
  • Women and children make up 75% of the Syrian refugee population
  • They are the most vulnerable demographic during times of conflict

In times of conflict, women’s health disproportionately suffers, and Syrian women are no different. Syrian women experience sexual harassment, rape, violence, early age at marriage, early age at pregnancy and complications during pregnancy.
— Humanity in Action


Documentary Footage: We’re heading to Germany and Greece in late January 2016 with a small crew to seek out the stories of young female Syrian refugees. We will profile one or two Syrian teen refugee girls on the ground and follow them on a typical day. The footage will have a slice of life feel and offer a look at their everyday lives—the challenges they face, the ups and downs, their hopes and dreams for the future. The approach will be cinéma verité.

Still Photography: In addition to video, we will take portraits of the young women we speak to and chronicle the documentary-making process through stills.

Behind-the-Scenes Vlog: We’ll be vlogging and posting our journey on YouTube on a daily basis. 

Social Media: Photos, vlogs, and status updates will be posted to Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. We’ve created the hashtag #sheissyria, which will serve as the common thread linking the different types of media created and shared over the course of the trip.

They’re not any different than we are. They want their kids to be safe, clean and have an education, that’s all they want.
— Susan Sarandon